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It’s been an active, exciting couple of weeks in the new year! I was asked to design a new recruitment poster for the Alray Scholars Program, a non profit I started working with last September. After meeting this past week to discuss direction, I’m ready to start working Monday on a mockup.

Probably most exciting is continuing to work on the Mentor/Mentee video for the Alray Scholars Program. I shot an interview for the piece back in October, which I transcribed for the Winter 2013-2014 Newsletter. (The photo accompanying the article is featured on the ASP website which was redesigned and launched yesterday, so that’s exciting!)

Alice Kathryn Richardson

Charita Parham, the Alray scholar that is featured in the video, just started taking classes at Northeastern University. And since she graciously agreed to be in this video for Alray, I took some head shots of her while I was there. The Mentor/Mentee video should be finished soon and then I’ll be sure to let my wonderful blog followers know where to find it :)