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Did you know that there are dozens of free events in Boston every week? Since the new year, I’ve been attending events several times a week for anything that looks interesting. And you can find events for almost everything.

© Alice Kathryn RichardsonThanks to General Assembly, The Civic Series, and even the Massachusetts One-Stop Career Center, I’ve been getting my fill of free classes, free networking events and free seminars. They’ve been at different places around Boston, too, so I’ve gotten to see some cool community workplaces in addition to meeting new people.

At One-Stop, I took classes on how to make networking work for you and how to develop your self-marketing pitch. My first General Assembly event was called “Designing Delightful Experiences,” and I thought who wouldn’t want to learn about that? The event was about UX design, which isn’t in my wheelhouse, but I met amazing people who care about why we make what we make, and that’s inspiring.

Last month I attended a Civic Series event about GMOs, which have always intrigued me. Are GMOs really harmful? What’s all the deliberation about labeling? The two-hour event was full of great information and led by a professor from Tufts. The Civic Series used one of my pictures from the event on their blog, so that was awesome.

One of the most important things that you can do when you’re unemployed is attend events. Most of my unemployed days were spent alone in my house with only my dog for company and the occasional conversation at the gym. Once I started attending events, I got used to introducing myself and talking about my work, and I realized that I was basically practicing for interviews. Attending events kept my mind clear and my words focused, and I got to meet great people and learn about cool topics.

Follow me on twitter to read about the other great events I’m attending in Boston! I can’t wait for General Assembly’s Intro to Boston’s Blogger Community tomorrow night.