#MassWomen and #Hatch54


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Last month I went to the 54th Annual Hatch Awards at the House of Blues. This event recognizes the great advertising work that comes out of Boston, a seemingly small city next to ad giants like New York and Los Angeles but teeming with creativity. An hour-long reel of the best advertising clips played from the past year, and afterwards, I met and mingled with creatives from all across the States. Before we left, all the ad people from Bose hopped into the photo booth. It said Winner’s Booth, but who cared?

This past Thursday I spent all day at the Massachusettes Conference for Women. I heard speeches about achieving your dreams and working through inequality by Lupita N’yongo and Hilary Clinton, about the power of hard work and endurance by John Jacobs and Tory Burch, and keys to success by Kate White and Lindsey Pollak. All of these women were incredible speakers (including the one man that managed to get into a women’s conference!). This year marked the 10th anniversary of the conference, and over 10,000 people came out in support!

One of the best parts of the day was hearing Kate White and Lindsey Pollak speak. They revealed some keys to success that I must admit that I’ve heard before, but they both brought humor, candor, and unexpected personality to their talks which made the whole session amazing. I was able to grab a quick picture with Kate White, which I immediately tweeted, and which she promptly favorited and retweeted! I felt like the coolest kid in school.

I ended the day with a resume review (read: secretly two, shhhh) and enjoyed educated conversation about the day’s events over guacamole and margaritas with a couple of peers. I’ve only been in Boston a little over a year, and in that time I have done some great things that continue to grow my love for this new city.

National Photograph Month


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Every photographer I’ve ever talked to says the same thing: that they love to capture the moment, a unique moment in time.

When I was in undergrad I created large installations, and the invitation for my senior show touted the line “I invite you to consider the story.” Years later, I was in a New Media Photojournalism graduate program that was all about capturing the story through photos and video and new storytelling platforms. It’s interesting to look back and see that I’ve always wanted to tell stories, even though I hadn’t always known how I wanted to do it.

My story is simple today: my husband, my puppy, and cold gusts of wind from the open window down the hall. This still moment was captured on my phone, just like the hundreds of thousands of moments we see captured everyday by others. It’s just another way to tell the story. So here’s to 2014’s National Photograph Month: you’re celebrated more than ever before.


Earth Day! What are you doing to celebrate?


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In honor of the holiday, I thought I’d post some pictures I’ve taken over the years of people trying the best they can to make a difference for our world. And check out the documentary I made last year about a small corner store trying to bring healthy food to their neighborhood: Deserts in the District. Inspiring!

Making a Difference through Mentoring


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The Alray Scholars Program helps promising students return to college to finish earning their degree, and they help every Scholar do so by providing them with financial assistance and a personal mentor to support them throughout their college experience. According to Charita and Alexa, an Alray scholar/mentor pair, it’s not just about the money.

I filmed and edited this video over the last couple months of watching and talking to Charita and Alexa. They have an amazing friendship, and they give inspiring testimonials of how they’ve help each other.

Visit www.alray.org for more information on becoming a mentor and how to apply to become a scholar.


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