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While researching and documenting my thesis, I have been spending a lot of time walking around the neighborhoods of Washington Highlands and Congress Heights, two neighborhoods in southeast Washington D.C. on the border of Prince George’s County. Did you know that the District is rated the 7th most walk-able city in America, taking into account proximity to amenities such as grocery stores, restaurants, and shopping? In Washington, D.C., 60% of neighborhoods have a Walk Score of 70 or higher, but Washington Highlands, where my story is based, has a score of 54 (walkscore.com).

Over the last month, I have been exploring online mapping platforms to create interactive data visualization as a focal point for my thesis. I am surveying the topography of these neighborhoods in a 10-block radius (the average distance a D.C. resident lives from a grocery store), documenting local business, grocery stores, corner stores, community centers, etc., to be used as a sample survey of a neighborhood below the average.

More to come on the data visualization bit (I’m still working on my map). Here are some pictures that I’ve taken while walking around the neighborhood that aren’t necessarily part of my grocery store-local business-retail shopping documentation, but they show a little of the character and the people.

Photographs shot on a Canon 5D Mark III using a 24 – 105 mm lens.