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Every photographer I’ve ever talked to says the same thing: that they love to capture the moment, a unique moment in time.

When I was in undergrad I created large installations, and the invitation for my senior show touted the line “I invite you to consider the story.” Years later, I was in a New Media Photojournalism graduate program that was all about capturing the story through photos and video and new storytelling platforms. It’s interesting to look back and see that I’ve always wanted to tell stories, even though I hadn’t always known how I wanted to do it.

My story is simple today: my husband, my puppy, and cold gusts of wind from the open window down the hall. This still moment was captured on my phone, just like the hundreds of thousands of moments we see captured everyday by others. It’s just another way to tell the story. So here’s to 2014’s National Photograph Month: you’re celebrated more than ever before.