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Right before school ended last spring, I went to Ballou High School in Southeast Washington, DC to film a teacher’s point of view on eating healthy. BHS is between Congress Heights and Washintgon Highlands, the central neighborhoods in my mini doc Deserts in the District, which explores food access and hunger issues in Southeast DC.

I considered Deserts to be finished as a mini doc, and certainly as far as my Masters was concerned it had be to finished for completion of my thesis. But a friend of a friend of a friend introduced me to a teacher at a school that I’d tried to get into all year, and so I went to interview her. Now that I have this footage, and an otherwise complete short film, how and where should I add this supplementary voice? To add another voice is open my doc at the seams and rework the entire story, and to add another voice also gives it the opportunity to become more complete.

In her interview, she talks about the kids she teaches and about subsidized breakfasts, lunches, snacks, and how every child qualifies but not everyone partakes. She talks about how kids get unhealthy food confiscated, and about how she’s not sure that they know what counts as unhealthy as she herself is not sure. She counts BHS’ neighborhood as a food desert even though the District does not recognize it as one.

Watch the video for #dcdeserts and let me know how you think I can use this teacher’s testimony to help my film become a more complete portrayal of food access in Southeast DC.